Sports Injuries FAQs

If you play spots, an injury can occur at any moment and result in severe pain. Not only that, but the discomfort can also become chronic when it is left untreated. At Grove Chiropractic in Great Bend, KS, we provide various treatments to reduce your pain and improve your mobility. Before visiting us, learn about some frequently asked questions regarding sports injuries below:


How Do I Know If I have Chronic or Acute Sports Injury?

The best way to tell if you have a chronic injury is to assess the pain and how it occurred. If you’ve been running constantly over the past few months and started noticing ongoing pain in one hip, this would be an example of a chronic sports injury. If you stepped on a pine cone and twisted your ankle, it would be an example of an acute injury.

Can I Heal My Sports Injury on My Own?

It depends on the type of injury that you have. Whether you have an ACL injury, tennis elbow, or knee pain, not all injuries will fully heal. You might feel relief from intense pain after some time has passed, but the lingering discomfort can affect your daily activities. Our chiropractor can provide the necessary treatment that will help you heal fully and allow you to return to the sport that you love. 

What Types of Sports Injury Does Grove Chiropractic Treat?

Grove Chiropractic can treat a variety of injuries, including knee pain, tennis elbow, shin splints, and tendonitis. We will speak with you about your symptoms and perform an evaluation to learn more about your condition. After, we can develop a treatment plan for your specific needs.

How Long Will It Take for My Sports Injury to Heal?

It can be difficult for athletes to wait for their sports injuries to heal, especially if they have a serious training schedule. However, rushing the process can only prolong it and it’s important not to make the injured region worse. Before you try any at-home treatments, it can help to work with our chiropractor who may be able to speed up the healing process without putting additional strain on your body. 

Can I Prevent Sports Injuries in the Future?

It’s impossible to prevent all injuries, however, you can reduce your chances by making your body more resilient. If you have any deficiencies, such as weak muscles, we can help strengthen the core groups so you’re able to withstand anything from falls to twists. 

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