Rehabilitation Exercise

Chiropractors help care for more than just the neck and back. They also help with various injuries, including sports injuries or pain from over-exercising. For example, seeking chiropractic care for sports rehabilitation can help athletes recover from a sports injury and get back on the court or field. Additionally, seeing a chiropractor specializing in sports medicine can help improve flexibility and endurance. Grove Chiropractic in Dodge City, KS, is passionate about helping its patients recover and improve their performance.

Rehabilitation Exercise

Benefits of Sports Rehabilitation Exercises

Various exercises can help those seeking chiropractic care. For example, activities in sports medicine help blood flow to injured tissues, helping the body’s natural healing mechanisms kick in. This bodily reaction focuses on quicker healing, allowing muscles to contract and move quickly.

Exercises to Retrain the Muscles

Neuromuscular training is a form of chiropractic care where muscle movement is encouraged against various types of resistance. It is a matter of retaining the muscles through different exercises on how they move to build strength. Exercises are a common way to help patients previously affected by immobilization or who recently had joint replacement surgery.

How Can Our Chiropractor Help with a Sports Injury?

Chiropractic care can help diagnose the cause of the injury and associated pain, allowing our chiropractor to pinpoint a specific treatment plan to aid recovery. Through various techniques, such as acupuncture, sports rehabilitation exercises, physical therapy, massage therapy, spinal adjustments, and other non-invasive treatments, chiaroscuro can help relieve patients of their pain and improve the body’s natural healing capabilities. Additionally, chiropractic care does not use any form of prescription pain medication. Instead, we provide a holistic approach.

Work with Our Sports Medicine Chiropractor in Dodge City, KS

Exercise ultimately helps restore our body's capacity and level of aerobic activities. Our chiropractor can help with sports rehabilitation and return the athlete’s body to its standard functionality before the injury. Call (620) 225-3411">(620) 225-3411 Grove Chiropractic in Dodge City, KS, today to schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors specializing in sports medicine. 

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