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Chiropractic Care: Spinal Adjustments

There are a number of injuries which might result in a need for chiropractic care, with car accidents, work related injuries, and sports injuries being among the most common. At Grove Chiropractic and Sports Injury in Dodge City, KS, we specialize in spinal adjustments for back pain and neck pain and utilize multiple techniques to address such problems. A benefit of our practice is we accept walk in appointments, so we can begin your treatment immediately. We are familiar with most sports injuries and work with high school and college athletes regularly, and are also capable of treating patients with pain or injuries unrelated to sports.


The Process of Chiropractic Care

The first step of chiropractic care is to treat the symptoms of an injury or condition, which is often back pain and neck pain, perhaps accompanied by discomfort elsewhere in the body, including pulled muscles or sprained joints. Chiropractic treatments don't end when a person's pain goes away, as treating the symptoms alone tends to result in injuring the area again in the future. After the symptoms are treated, corrective care needs to start. Such care varies according to individual need, but usually includes a combination of spinal adjustments, acupuncture, soft tissue therapy, and a routine of stretching and exercise. The goal of such care is to strengthen the area and improve posture to prevent the injury from occurring again.

There is another phase of chiropractic care which is all too often overlooked: ongoing care. Such care generally includes massage and continued spinal adjustments as needed, maintenance of the exercise routine which started during the initial recovery phase along with upgrading it as the client strengthens, and education about the benefits of maintaining a healthy diet and weight goals. When conducted properly, this plan will assure a healthier lifestyle and prevent common injuries, while teaching the patient how to safely exercise and work while avoiding accidents which result in further injuries.

Grove Chiropractic and Sports Injury in Dodge City, KS

At Grove Chiropractic and Sports Injury in Dodge City, KS, you'll find Dr. Grove and all the staff to be courteous and understanding of your injuries and pain. You can call to schedule an appointment for quicker service without wait time, but we do accept walk in appointments because we understand their importance in an emergency or situation involving intense pain. You'll also find we maintain a professional and courteous attitude, and we're willing to explain everything we do and why in as much detail as you need to understand and participate in your own treatment. Give us a call at (620) 225-3411 to learn more.

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